Why do people hunt and trap coyotes in Illinois?

What reasons might people have to hunt or trap coyotes? Who can hunt or trap coyotes? What regulations govern coyote hunting and trapping and who enforces the regulations? What benefits are there to humans or to wildlife for regulated hunting or trapping programs? Has the coyote population been affected by hunting or trapping? What Illinois rules and regulations today keep the population stable? What laws ensure the humaneness of trapping?

How many coyotes are harvested each year in Illinois and how does that compare with other states? 


HS-LS2-6 (High School)

Evaluate the claims, evidence, and reasoning that the complex interactions in ecosystems maintain relatively consistent numbers and types of organisms in stable conditions, but changing conditions may result in a new ecosystem. 

MS-LS2-1 (Middle School)

Analyze and interpret data to provide evidence for the effects of resource availability on organisms and populations of organisms in an ecosystem.

MS-LS2-5 (Middle School)

Evaluate competing design solutions for maintaining biodiversity and ecosystem services.