MS-LS2-5 (Middle School)

Evaluate competing design solutions for maintaining biodiversity and ecosystem services.

Why do people hunt and trap coyotes in Illinois?

What reasons might people have to hunt or trap coyotes? Who can hunt or trap coyotes? What regulations govern coyote hunting and trapping and who enforces the regulations? What benefits are there to humans or to wildlife for regulated hunting or trapping programs? Has the coyote population been affected by hunting or trapping? What Illinois rules and regulations today keep the population stable? What laws ensure the humaneness of trapping?

Coyotes in town: Celebration, concern or fact of life?

Assume the role of someone living or working in a community where coyotes have been observed with increasing frequency. Write a persuasive letter to the editor (or present an argument at a mock town meeting) about what you recommend should be done, or not done, to “manage the coyote population.” Roles might include: Mayor, city council, restaurant owner, veterinarian, public health officer, wildlife biologist, naturalist, trapper, animal rights advocate, farmer, livestock owner, hunter, mother of toddlers, golf course manager, etc….